List of "Agriculture" Courses

M.Tech (Agricultural Process and Food Engineering)


The Postgraduate scholars are trained in processing, preservation and handling of food, value-addition of agricultural and horticultural commodities, design of food processing equipment, packaging technology, dairy, meat, poultry and fish processing technology, etc., They are also equipped in all th

Course Fee INR 30,000
Duration 2 years

M.Sc Forest Genetic Resources


Forest genetic resources – the heritable materials maintained within and among trees and other woody plant species – are essential for the adaptation and the evolutionary processes of forests and trees as well as for improving their resilience and productivity.

Course Fee INR 1,50,000
Duration 2 years

M.Sc (Plantation Technology)


Plantation farming is the practice of clearing a large parcel of forest land and planting the desired crops in huge numbers on the cleared land. This type of farming helps in increasing the production of the desired produce and makes it easier to control the cultivation.

Course Fee 2,20,000
Duration 2 years

M.Sc Agricultural Extension Education


This program focuses on developing effective strategies for promoting sustainable farming practices, improving crop yields, and enhancing the livelihoods of farmers and rural communities.

Course Fee ? 1.40Lakhs
Duration 2 years

Ph.D. (Agricultural Entomology)


The PhD in agricultural entomology and pest control program provides training in insect systematics and biological diversity, insect ecology and integrated pest control, insect biochemistry and molecular bi

Course Fee 1,50,000
Duration 2 years

Ph.D. (Agricultural Economics)


PhD Agriculture Economics is basically a doctorate degree in which the learners are exposed to quantitative analysis integrated with critical thinking of agricultural policies and business.

Course Fee INR 500000
Duration 2 years

Ph.D. (Agricultural Microbiology)


Agricultural Microbiology is one of the applied areas of microbiology in the field of Agriculture i.e., utilization of the beneficial microorganisms for soil and crop nutrition and management as bio-fertilizers, plant growth promoters as bio-stimulants, bio-degraders for compost /manure production,

Course Fee INR 8,00,000
Duration 2 years

Ph.D. (Family Resource Management)


Family Resource Management addresses the management of resources from a family systems perspective and focuses on not just the individual that makes a decision but the impact those decisions have on the family unit.

Course Fee 2,20,000
Duration 2 years

Ph.D. (Human Development and Family Studies)


The Ph. D. program in Human Development and Family Sciences is designed to prepare the next generation of scholars for positions as researchers, professors, and leaders in early childhood, human development, family sciences, human services and related fields.

Course Fee 1,78,200
Duration 2 years

Ph.D. (Extension Education and Communication Management)


The Ph. D. in Extension Education & Communication Management is a research-oriented degree in which students learn about different aspects of agriculture. The coursework in this degree program equips candidates for university faculty positions, careers in extension education, and international devel

Course Fee 5,00,000
Duration 2 years

M.Sc Apiculture


Master of Science (M.Sc) in Apiculture at the College of Agriculture is a 2-year program. Students learn how to cultivate bee colonies that can thrive in and support the natural world. The course introduces the latest techniques that help to boost the economy by sustaining bee colonies.

Course Fee 2,20,000
Duration 2 years

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